Prevost Auto Repair Compressed Air Systems

Service Tech Tools & Equipment offers Prevost Compressed Air Solutions for your automotive, wood industry, textile, & food industry needs. Prevost offers the ability to deliver compressed air to different locations in your auto repair shop. The ability to deliver compressed air through out your auto repair shop will not only affect where you can work on vehicles in your shop but also the amount of time spent on a paticular auto repair. Prevost makes it easy to change the areas within your auto repair shop where you may want compressed air delievered. Give Service Tech Tools & Equipment a call and set an appointment to have your auto repair shop evaluated for a new Prevost compressed air system.prevost5


Unsecured ( Non-Safety )  couplers present a significant risk of hose-whip during disconnection. Employers are responsible for a safe working environment. Prevost manufactures safety-couplings complying with ISO 4414 and ISO 6150 standards, and these couplings offers an optimized flow rate, and are therefore regarded among the best in the market.
Ergonomic, compact, simply press the button to safely vent the pressure and disconnect pneumatic systems and tools. Prevost avoids all risk of hose whip or accidental disconnection. The user has to operate a safety coupling twice to disconnect: A first time to purge the compressed air, a second time to release the plug. To comply with the norms a coupling should purge the compressed air on the supply side before releasing the plug. This is done using a double locking device. Customers pay particular attention to their vehicles, especially when they entrust them to a garage mechanics.
Made with composite body material, they are designed to never accidentally scratch any surfaces, even delicate paintwork. Furthermore, Prevost avoid all risk of hose whip or accidental disconnection, according with ISO 4414 standard on the safety of people. Their maximum allowable flow rate ensures that tools operate at peak performance level.

Service Tech Tools & Equipment in Simi Valley Ca. has a full line of all Prevost compressed air solutions. From distribution to connection we can help you design, install, & train your employees on the implementation of a compressed air system throughout your auto repair shop.






Service Tech Tools & Equipment will make an appointment to come to your auto repair shop in order to come up with a ringplan for your compressed air delievery system. We will also go over the distribution and connection of all tools within your auto repair shop. Finally we will come and train your employees on proper implementation of your Prevost System.

Rational work station facilities
Most assembly line workstations are mobile and require equipment that can be moved across various distances.
Flexible polyurethane hose offer an extreme elasticity, in order to rationalize work station: they help to increase productivity, by providing air supply while reducing physical effort.
Suspended at a fixed point, at the desired height, the Prevost’s PUS recoil hoses make operator ‘work easier by avoiding:
– the need to move around the workshop
– hoses trailing on the floor
– tedious operations in the workspace
The threads on all PUS recoil hoses  are pre-coated with Teflon® for quick and easy connections.


Speed is the watchword in quick service facilities. That is why it is absolutely necessary to analyze technicians’ movements so that they can make best use of the time they spend working on vehicles.
Prevost’s PUS recoils offer flexibility and resistance in order to guarantee freedom of movement: low radius of curvature, shape memory,  resistance to torsion, impact, abrasion and hydrolysis. They are made to last in time.
Their ends are preassembled with nickel-plated brass couplings with teflon-coated threads, fixed on supply side, and rotary on pneumatic tool side for easy rotation even under pressure.

Impacts, crushing, pulling and twisting are part of everyday work in industry. To avoid it, pay a particular attention to security on work station facilities is essential.
Prevost extremely heavy-duty DMF, DRF, & DPF hose reels are essential basic equipments for workshops. They save time and improve comfort and safety in order to avoid any risks of accident or injury: hose pierces by a sharp object, hose accidentally caught around workshop fixtures, risks of tripping on hoses lying on the ground.





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