21999-0730 Ultra Tsunami Air Dryer


10Hp Regenerative Drying System – 1″ In/Out


  • Provides low dew points, down to -80°F, and relative humidity drops below 10% consistently
  • Lowest maintenance of any dryer
  • High tech molecular sieve will not disintegrate like silica gel desiccant
  • Up to 150 °F inlet air temperature
  • Modular design
  • No post particulate filter needed after the dryer to stop desiccant migration
  • Dryer housings manufactured from solid aluminum
  • Cartridge style regeneration orifices
  • Dual outlet and inlet ports
  • Each tower housing has a single piston spool
  • Can be mounted downstream


The Tsunami Regenerative Dryer System uses the latest technology to provide your facility with the cleanest, driest compressed air available. Tsunami systems, unlike most of their competitors, are complete systems. This includes the Tsunami water separators and Tsunami oil coalescing filters. Tsunami systems use Moisture Minder automatic piston drains to assure proper draining of water and oils before the dryer. We can configure systems to provide very low dew points (down to -80° F) or very low relative humidity (down to .01%) with very low sweep rates. Flow rate and sweep rate determine the quality of your compressed air. PLC controls the cycling of the dryers and a built in LED display advises the user when preventive maintenance is required on the oil coalescing element.

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