875 Wheel Balancer (40mm)

Model #875

Part #85008875

The Coats™ 875 wheel balancer brings professional balancing service to your lineup. Whether you own a brake shop, muffler shop, or are just starting out with a couple of bays, the 875 model is a cost effective way to provide wheel balancing for your customers.


Key Features  

  • Direct Tape-A-Weight™ Placement – Audible beeps indicate exact placement of Tape-A-Weights and take the guesswork out of those tricky behind-the-spoke balances.
  • Automatic Distance & Diameter Data Entry – Automatic offset and diameter measurements make every balancing job quick and precise.
  • Hood with Integrated Auto Start – Lowering the protective hood starts the balancing process and offers additional protection.
  • Space Saving Design – Balancer has a small footprint, providing the flexibility to locate your machine anywhere in your shop.
  • Integrated LED matrix display provides easy-to-read visual cues and keypad, promoting proper balancing techniques and faster bay turnaround times.
  • Ten balancing modes, including multiple static, dynamic and alloy modes.
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