Coats APX90 Rim Clamp Tire Changer

New tire systems are becoming tougher to change. Today, tire service is more challenging than ever and choosing the right equipment to serve your customers is even more critical. The Rim Clamp APX90 Tire changer represents the platform for the future.


Key Features 

  • Large clamping capacity to externally clamp wheels up to 30″ or as small as 9″ in diameter to maximize service flexibility.
  • High-torque electric turntable gives you the power you need for tough applications.
  • Three-position hand-operated bead-loosener provides complete control, reducing wait time and minimizing risk of wheel damage.
  • Duckhead® roller prevents top bead from flipping over Duckhead® mount head on large, stiff sidewall tires.
  • Robo-Arm® helper device applies pressure to create bead lock and hold top bead in drop center when mounting.
  • Horizontal power rollers allow easy bead and rim lubrication, loosen top beads, and assist in mounting run-flat and low-profile tires.
  • Ergonomically positioned foot pedals and helper controls located at point of use minimize training and opportunities for error.
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