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KPH 270.42KU Wide

    • Baseless lift, allows easy access into the working area.
    • Perfect synchronization between carriages regardless of load distribution.
    • Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of hydraulic pipe fracture.
    • Self-controlled lowering speed.
    • Synchronization cables grant the levelling of the two carriages.
    • Each column features a maintenance-free lifting cylinder.
    • Adjustable height.
    • Mechanical safety latch with automatic engagement ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position.
    • Automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking when the arm reaches the floor self-locking conical design.
  • Very low pad, adjustable height.

 Ravaglioli Automotive Lifts

RAV 212, 222, 232, 242, 262, 272 –  Heavy Duty Mobile Column LiftsHeavy_equipment_auto_lift_HD-Mobile_Column_Lift-2

RAV electro-mechanical (screw type) column lifts are perhaps the safest, quietest, and longest lasting in the industry. These powerful yet simple column lifts do require 3 phase power so your power source is limited perhaps our electro hydraulic models will better fit your situation. We offer the largest range of sizes in the industry beginning at 7000 lbs. capacity per column through 22,000 lbs. per column. There are several special versions available so please refer to the brochure above. Many accessories are available for custom applications.

  • RAV212 7000 lb each
  • RAV222 9000 lb each
  • RAV232 12,000 lb each
  • RAV242 16,000 lb each
  • RAV262 19,000 lb each
  • RAV272 22,000 lb each

Rauto_siccor_lift_535-liftAV 535, 540 – Low Profile Lifts

  • The evolution of RAV scissors lifts.
  • Ideal for space saving.
  • The best alternative to recessed installation.


  • No cross rails or torsion bars between lifting platforms (for maximum accessibility in the working area).
  • Hydraulic levelling system, by means of a patented synchronisation device, assures constantly the level of the lifting platforms regardless of weight distribution.
  • All mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components are manufactured in compliance with the respective European Safety Standard.
  • Low voltage controls (24 V).
  • Controlled speed during initial lifting and final lowering phase.
  • Audible alarm during the final lowering phase.
  • All pivot points made with self lubricating bushings for long life.
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